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Pollards Hill Cyclists is London's largest leisure rides club with well over 500 riders on our email distribution list. Our popular sociable rides are all undertaken at the same steady conversational pace. We'd like to invite you to come with us on our quest to uncover the secrets of hidden London or explore the green and pleasant pastures of our surrounding countryside. From castles and windmills to Henry VIII and Banksy using quirky ferries and traffic-free paths whilst reliving local history and enjoying amazing views, every one of our rides is a mini adventure. PHC has no dress code or membership fees, all we ask is that you read our FAQ page and turn up on time with a roadworthy bike and a spare inner tube.

Rides are no longer happening weekly but are run whenever a leader is available. Expect to be out all day, ride 30 miles, stop for morning cake and coffee, have a leisurely lunch at the pub and then stop again for afternoon tea (or ice cream!). It's definitely not a race and we don't mind if you get off and walk so if you want to meet like-minded cycling friends, sign up to our Yahoo! email list using the link at the bottom of this page.

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